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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Musically, I've been recording one of the pieces I wote when I was 17 or 18: a string quartet inspired by the character of Ophelia. I've cleaned it up a little, and decided it sounds better as a string orchestra piece than a string quartet. I'll post it on here when it's done.

Theatrically, The Frog Prince opens on Wednesday, and we have three public performances of Hamlet next weekend.

In the last week, I've felt like a kid lost in the land of grown ups. I'm starting my own business. I won't give too much away, except that my mind has been almost wholly taken up with preparing a business plan, collecting an advisory team, and agonizing over such out-of-character discussions as whether I should form a general partnership or a limited liability corporation, tax rates and deductions, and the pros and cons of incorporating in Delaware.

Can any local readers recommend a good CPA?

I've also fulfilled my Asian female heritage by becoming obsessed with real estate. This may sound somewhat retarded, but the fact that we have two cats may mean that we have to buy a place instead of renting when we move. It blows my mind that landlords can nix you for pets, but babies (which I daresay make far more mess than cats) are A-OK. I've been researching localities and methods of procuring a cheap house or apartment. I'm thinking we'll move to Delaware County - there are some affordable suburbs near Media which aren't too ghetto, and it's almost perfectly equidistant between West Chester and Philly. Maybe we'll pick up an HUD property and fix it up slowly while we live there to increase its value. I'm pretty good at cosmetic home improvements. If we choose carefully, we won't pay much more per month than we'd pay in rent, and by Christ, even if the house depreciates, I doubt we'd lose as much as we'd give to a landlord over the course of three or four years, or however long we're staying there (Hopefully not much longer than that. I'd like to use grad school as an excuse to move somewhere interesting.).

A couple I know is having a baby. Another just filed for divorce. Why do I still feel like I'm just pretending to be an adult?
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