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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I meant to mention the other day how completely enamoured I am with Dakota Fanning. She blows my mind. I was watching the SAG awards the other night (usually I don't bother watching awards ceremonies, but this one interrupted my regular Law & Order schedule) and I caught Dakota presenting a special award to Shirley Temple Black. Dear God. The girl, who is all of eleven years old, managed to speak with more poise and professionalism than anyone else at the podium all evening. Honestly, what the hell is up with actors who can't speak in front of people at award ceremonies? Here's a tip: act like you're a really good MC. You know, use your acting talent.

I don't care if people think that Dakota hasn't yet tackled a difficult acting role or is micromanaged by parents and coaches. She does it so well that I'm a devotee. I sincerely hope her career makes it through to adulthood, and I really think it will because her schtick is so much more mature than most child actors.

Mixed with the admiration is a good measure of intense professional jealousy, naturally.

The other highlight of the SAG awards was S. Epatha Merkerson receiving her statue from Benjamin Bratt and explosively thanking her divorce lawyer. That might have just been the L&O withdrawal, though.

My latest project is was making a guitar case for Matt's ludicrous bass. Unfortunately, my sewing machine just kicked the bucket. I've had a cheaparse Janome (I think it's worth around $100) since our wedding, but things have started to go wrong with it. The thread started breaking at the foot occasionally a few months ago, and now I can't sew for two minutes without having to rethread. Unfortunately, the "25-year warranty" states that after the first year, I have to pay for labor and postage to have it fixed, which I fear would come to more than it's worth. I tried opening it up completely and playing with the guts, but it doesn't seem to do much good for very long. So I'm considering getting another machine. I'm thinking of this one, since I tend to sew pretty heavy material, such as the kind with which you make guitar cases (probably why my old sewing machine is about to give up the ghost).

Apologies to anyone that I haven't contacted and whose e-mails I have ignored. I've been busy and tired and antisocial lately. It's honestly nothing personal.

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