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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Yesterday was the busiest "day off" I've had in a while. I took Moonlight to the vet in the morning. I have the urge to state for the record here that Capitol Area Animal Medical Center are ludicrously expensive. They charged $150 for her shots and an ear cleaning (more about that in a moment), whereas previous vets have charged less than half that amount. Furthermore, they want between $140 and $195 to spay her. Good god!

I went to CAAMC because I didn't think Keystone Mobile Vet Service performed major surgeries, but after being throughly disheartened by CAAMC's prices, I gave Keystone a call and discovered they will come out to my house and spay Moonlight in their clinic-in-a-van. For $112. Isn't that nuts? They will make a house call for less than it would cost to drive myself to the local vet and have it done there. And Keystone Vets are wonderful. I thoroughly recommend them. Moonlight's having her tubes tied (Or do they remove the ovaries? I'm not sure.) on February 6.

Poor Moonlight. The trip to the vet appears to have set her back at least a week in the adjustment process. First, she did not react well at all to being put in a box. By the time she had calmed down and stopped clawing frantically at the seams, she was lifted out and prodded in every orifice. First, a teeth check, then a rectal thermometer, then an ear wipe. She was too shocked to react to the rabies shot, but during the distemper injection, she started to really freak out.

The vet nurse wrapped her in a towel and tried to hold her down so the vet could administer a worming tablet, but Moonlight had had enough. She twisted her head violently every time the vet poked the tablet down her throat, sending the pill flying. After about four tries, she convulsed so extremely that she bit her own tongue and started frothing copious amounts of pink goo from her mouth.

The final indignity was having her ears cleaned of mites. At least ten Q-tips came out black, and she yowled and twitched the entire time the muck was being extracted. Her ears were then filled with a foul antiseptic-smelling pesticide, and she was put back in the hated box for the ride home.

So, yes, Moonlight is very pissed off at the world right now, and is back to hissing continuously. The good news is that she doesn't appear to be in heat anymore. I suppose she has a headache.

I also built a magic blue fairy box for Beauty and the Beast (It's totally awesome. Well, I think so.), attended my cello and singing lessons, fixed a few costumes, and had my first class of my last semester at HACC. The subject is Philosophy 225 | Ethics: Belief and Action. I was rather worried when I first picked up one of the three textbooks and discovered that it's awfully dry stuff, but the professor is young, funny, and very laid back, so I think the class is going to be fine. He reminds me a lot of my brother-in-law, Ryan, actually, which is odd because he's also most recently from Philly and goes to Temple.

He appears to be able to spell, which is delightful!

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