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Friday, January 13, 2006

Once again, life is racing along quite merrily. Not too fast, but fast enough.

I'm back at work. No offense to my bosses, but it's actually been quite wonderful pottering around the theatre without them around. They're both in Mexico this week at a theatre conference, along with Amber. In their absence, I've had the freedom to completely destroy the costume shop and rebuild it in an organized fashion; I think if I'd attempted anything like that while they were around, I would have spent more time apologizing for temporarily turning the theatre into London during the Blitz than I would have spent cleaning.

As you may be able to tell from Tripoli's blurry portrait above, I now have a piano, which I rented from Do Wray Mi at a fraction of the cost Menchey music wanted to charge. For $40 per month plus delivery fee, I have a rather decent console (cf. $100 per month minimum at Menchey's), and if I choose to keep it, the rental price and the delivery fee can be credited to the piano's cost.

So far, I've been familiarizing myself with the piano again by leading Frog and Toad rehearsals and sight-reading Bach fugues at ludicrously slow tempos. It's slow going. I hope I'll be ready for my West Chester audition in time. I would like to play Debussy's Clair de Lune, if I can.

Perhaps the biggest news of the week is that Matt and I have adopted Erin's cat, Moonlight. As Erin mentioned in her comment on one of my entries below, she's not very fond of Moonlight, and in the two days that we've had her at our apartment, it seems that Moonlight is not very fond of anything. She doesn't meow - ever - but she hisses a great deal. At everything. And also nothing. Seriously, she has hissed into thin air a couple of times, making me wonder if she's seeing ghosts or something. She also hissed - twice - at a reflection of herself in a mirror. And she's not doing well with the whole using-a-litter-box thing.

We'll persevere for a while, though. Even somewhat retarded fluffy grey cats deserve a chance.

My mother sent me a very worrying e-mail this morning. It was the only really negative thing to happen to me this Friday the 13th.
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: matt
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 22:53:27 +1100

dear melissa & matt
first of all something that is very very important that i have to tell you now
that i had a brother that was killed in the cultuaral revolution because my
father donot believe in god that he did not console the fortune teller to get
his name right he was born in the year of the pig and our surname is kwok
kwok means snake but snake hates the pig and my father picked the name
for him is Bill means tiger that dress up. As a pig dress up and is as big as a
tiger would be nice to serve to god so he has to die i remember that i
had given matt a beautiful flower goat i have been very worried matt
will meet my brothers fate ?
after all the fortune teller said that matt will have a disaster in his
thirties -- Go get matts grandmother to help!

i'm out of hospital . and very well
dads still in hospital-- hope he will last till you come home
stanley & trevor are well
received Bills xmas letter send our regards to him


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