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Monday, January 23, 2006

I have to share with you this article from our extremely hokey Commmunity Watch newsletter.
In the last week of December, 2005, the person who continues to challenge the neighbors and the police department with his public masturbating act was at it again. This occurred in the 3000 block of 2nd St in the early morning. Three police cars responded within minutes of the 911 call to no avail; he was gone and had the advantage of darkness. This time there was a better description of the intruder because the person in the house was not alone when the caller tapped on the window for attention. He is 5'9" tall, light skinned African American with a thin build, a razor thin mustache, possible in his 20's and described as having "excessive abdominal hair". Now for the record, this apparently is his 3rd trip into Riverside. He previously appeared on Lewis St. at 11pm and 5am. He is now on 2nd St. at 6:20am. Weather conditions, good or bad, do not seem to stop him. The person who was assaulted on Lewis St. agrees with some of the description given for the offender involved in this latest incident.

Oh, while I'm at it, I may as well share this story too.
Last summer, two neighborhood non-domesticated cats were either poisoned or fatally injured. The one cat returned to die on the premises where it was fed. The other cat was never seen after that. These cats were both neutered/spayed and had all their required shots - all paid for by a neighbor who also fed them. In return, the feral cats were to be attending to the mouse/rat problems in the area. Since their demise, we have heard complaints from the neighbors last fall and this winter of mice invading their homes. Lesson learned here = don't stealthily kill the cats, who stealthily kill the mice.

Also featured are a delicious tirade against the blight of graffiti-style advertising campaigns, and a very unfavorable review of "super-stick adhesive band-aids."

Delightful as it may be, however, I have to throw the newsletter out immediately, as it seems one of the cats has pissed on it.

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