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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I had a dream the other night that I was saving Tripoli, Kenya, and a few strange cats from an impending tidal wave. Matt, my mother, and I were attempting to round them up and stow them in a treehouse. *shrug*

I've spent most of the last couple of days practicing the cello and making things. Chief amongst my creations is a new bag, which will come in handy for all the Frog and Toad sheet music and 'Ethics: Belief and Action' textbooks I'll be carrying around in the next few months. It has lots of fun pockets which are just the right size for all my bits and pieces, and it's also large and (hopefully) sturdy enough to lug around my laptop. Click to behold!

The Hellraiser makeup/pencil case is also a new piece of handiwork.

While I'm playing Look At Me Show 'n' Tell, I realized tonight that I forgot to blog about Tripoli's favorite toy that I made for her for Christmas. It's a little tatty now, because she's spent many long hours chasing, biting, and chewing it, but it stll makes me proud.

Yes, that's right, it's Jesus on the cross. I printed an iron-on transfer, turned it into a tiny crucifix-shaped pillow, and stuffed it with catnip. It drives Tripoli wild, although the catnip is starting to smell more like cat breath now. I thought it was important for her to understand the true meaning of Christmas, i.e. giant tripping cats attacking the Son of God.

  • There don't seem to be any tidal waves on the horizon, but some fun predictions for 2006 include asteroid crashes, tropical storms, and blunders by Google. I was with them up until the Google thing.
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