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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I am supposed to be asleep.

God knows, I'm even starting to get tired, but I am suffering from an inertia that won't allow me to make my way to the bedroom.

I forgot to mention in my last entry that I saw Brokeback Mountain with Matt and the incomparable Mr. Vince on Sunday. I thought it was a quite beautiful movie, and even though sappy tragic love stories are rarely my thing, I found myself tearing up quite painfully in the last scene.

Matt thought it was all right, but claims he couldn't relate to it very well. Yeah, right! He's married to me, for God's sake; he's evidently in denial. Anyhow, I think there's a very clear universal theme apparent - the destruction wrought by "forbidden love," for want of a better term. Surely everyone's felt something akin to that at some point in their lives, even if it's merely a crush on a teacher in high school or an indelible longing for an ex you'll never have again. There was also the long distance relationship problem. Matt and I can relate to that better than anyone else I know.

Or maybe I've just surrounded myself with so many gay people that their issues are now my issues. Who knows? In Matt's favor, I related more directly to The Joy Luck Club, which left me not merely tearing up a little but sobbing at top volume into a drenched tea towel.

I also watched most of Salem's Lot, starring Rob Lowe, on television. I thought it was quite fun, but I was really blown away by how chock-full of Australians it is. I had no idea. The first face to incite a gasp of recognition was Rebecca Gibney, whom I used to adore in Halifax F.P., but she was soon followed by a slew of antipodean actors, including plenty of familiar faces from The Flying Doctors, A Country Practice, and Blue Heelers. Quite bizarre to see them all faking American accents (very well, I thought) and prancing around with vampires and Donald Sutherland.

According to the telemovie Salem's Lot vampire mythology, when a woman becomes a vampire, her hair crimps like she's had it in braids all night. How odd.
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