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Monday, January 16, 2006

I am happy to report that Moonlight now appears to be using the cat litter, although she did have an accident on the rug yesterday. Tripoli and Moonlight are not much closer to getting on peacefully with each other. Moonlight still hisses at Trippy every time she gets near, although poor Tripoli just seems to want to be friends. They have chased each other around the apartment a few times, but I don't think they've been friendly chases, judging from Moonlight's facial expression.

I have embarked on a campaign to fatten Moonlight up. Mmmm, roast cat, delicious. No, I'm fattening her up because I have a preference for fat cats. They seem to have better temperaments. And I like the look of cats with a bit of chub on them. I guess I am a feline chubby chaser.

No! Wait, I don't want to have sex with fat cats, I just like to look at them. A feline chubby chaser voyeur, if you will. Without any sexual innuendo whatsoever.

Speaking of no sex, next week I'm taking Moonlight to the vet for the preliminary desexing appointment. I look forward to it. Neutered females get fat even faster!

I have sewn my very first corset. I made it out of a NIN t-shirt with the intent to begin a cottage industry shifting overpriced NIN corsets on eBay. It took a week of experimenting, but the finished result is quite decent, I think.
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