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Monday, January 09, 2006

(12:55:46) mormolyke: I'll drive to San Francisco and be destroyed in another tidal wave coming from Japan.
(12:56:02) Cliff: yeah but san francisco has those giant hills
(12:56:10) Cliff: you could just run up the street and you'd be fine
(12:56:19) mormolyke: Giant hills that will be awash with looters and rapists.
(12:56:32) mormolyke: And I won't have a gun. This is why I need a gun. In case there's a tidal wave.
(12:56:34) Cliff: yeah, but you forget
(12:56:35) Cliff: I'M BATMAN
(12:56:41) mormolyke: Does Batman have a gun?
(12:56:45) Cliff: he doesn't need one
(12:57:06) mormolyke: The hell? He always seemed to have a gun, didn't he?
(12:57:21) Cliff: he has this grapple gun that he can use to climb tall buildings, but not a real gun
(12:57:31) Cliff: he doesn't kill, either
(12:57:31) mormolyke: really? Is Batman fundamentally opposed to guns?
(12:57:35) Cliff: yeah
(12:57:39) Cliff: they killed his parents
(12:57:39) mormolyke: Not even trank guns?
(12:58:05) Cliff: well, he is an expert marksman and knows how to use a gun. sometimes he'll use one as a tool, or even to disable an enemy, but not to kill. he's morally opposed to killing.
(12:57:51) mormolyke: In a fight between Mad Max and Batman, who would win?
(12:58:12) Cliff: that's a tough call
(12:58:21) Cliff: but batman would win
(12:58:29) mormolyke: But Mad Max is not opposed to killing.
(12:58:38) Cliff: yeah, but max is only as good as what he's got at his disposal
(12:58:53) mormolyke: Like a great big fuck-off shotgun.
(12:59:19) Cliff: batman faces deadly criminals with serious weapons every night, max's wouldn't faze him
(12:58:47) Cliff: there are just too many variables there.
(12:58:51) Cliff: what if he ran out of fuel?
(12:58:59) Cliff: what if he was tired and hungry from days of wandering in the desert?
(12:59:16) mormolyke: In a car race, would Mad Max or Batman win?
(12:59:30) Cliff: are we talking about the batman begins-batmobile?
(12:59:42) mormolyke: I don't really know the difference between the batmobiles.
(12:59:50) Cliff: the one in batman begins was a giant tank
(13:00:11) Cliff: if we're talking that one, i'd say it's an even shot, regardless of what max's ride is
(13:00:15) mormolyke: Would it beat the Interceptor?
(13:00:22) Cliff: but as for any of the previous batmobiles, the interceptor would totally win
(13:00:35) mormolyke: What about that batmobile with the rockets that come out the back?
(13:00:41) Cliff: the previous batmobiles are ridiculous and wouldn't work very well as real vehicles
(13:00:45) mormolyke: Oh, right.

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