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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Yeah, I know, I suck. I haven't written a blog entry in ages. Truth is, I've been too drained to want to blog. Clark and Melissa weren't kidding (not that I thought they were) - December is a killer of a month at Gamut. In the past week, we've done nine performances of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and an early morning performance of Hamlet. We would have performed 'Twas ten times, but we woke early and drove all the way up to Scranton on Friday only to discover that school had been cancelled due to the practically non-existent snow. Perhaps the ultimate tribute to the closeness and easygoing nature of the core company is the fact that four of us can sit, exhausted, in a tightly packed van for six hours in uninspiring surroundings on a futile mission while remaining completely amicable.

We stopped in Wilkes-Barre on the way home and ate lunch near Wachovia Stadium where Nine Inch Nails played a few weeks ago. Who knew that I would end up spending time in Wilkes-Barre twice this year?

I just finished reading What's My Motivation? by Michael Simkins. It's a hilarious light read, and makes me want to see Ian Holm's King Lear (already recommended to me by Sean) and Topsy Turvy (since recommended to me by Clark). Bah, movies? I haven't even read half the books we received for our wedding. Too many books to read. Not enough time.

However, since I've generally been too tired to do anything interactive this week, I have done more than my usual share of slumping comatose before flickering screens. Matt and I saw King Kong and loved it. I caught myself tearing up towards the end before I realized I was crying over a giant CG gorilla and dried up. The action sequences, however, are truly amazing. The brontosaurus stampede? Good lord. There must have been at least five minutes of brontosauri tumbling down and squashing people. Hooray for ragdoll physics! It was like the flash game of GW Bush freefalling over circles, only with giant herbivorous dinosaurs, hapless humans, three dimensions, realistic textures, and sharp pointy rocks. But by far the best sequence was Kong's fight with three T-rexes. After sitting dutifully tensed for what must have been at least half an hour of gasp-every-five-seconds combat, I started laughing uncontrollably. By the jaw-dropping (heh) finale, I was almost hysterical. It was beautiful. I felt like a cigarette afterwards.

Matt and I also watched The 40-Year-Old Virgin, the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and some episodes of Arrested Development and Strangers with Candy while we were at Meathead and Anita's house on Saturday night and Sunday morning. I may as well declare it publicly: if I weren't happily married, I would happily have sex with Steve Carell. Hey, wow, his IMDB profile says he's signed on to play Maxwell Smart next year.

Speaking of things I didn't know about actors, I forgot to mention that I recently discovered that Mariska Hargitay is Jayne Mansfield's daughter. Apparently this is common knowledge, but I somehow missed it. More than this, Mariska was in the back seat of the car asleep when her mother was killed. Hooray for useless knowledge about Law and Order actors.

My dream job would be blogging about Law and Order. For a buttload of money. Come on, TNT, you know you want to. Or just hire me as a consultant, even. I have lots of great ideas. For example, if you want a riveting Law and Order marathon, may I suggest playing, back-to-back, all the episodes in which major cast members enter and exit. Start with the very first episode, then play Phil's last show, Lennie's first show, Paul Robinette's last show, Ben Stone's last show, Jack McCoy's first show, Mike Logan's last show ... you get the picture. It would be AWESOME. I am a GENIUS.

I bought me a cheap violin on eBay.

An e-mail from Dad states that everything is all right down south and that Mum is "fine." I'm leaving it at that until after New Year's Eve.

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