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Friday, December 02, 2005

A while ago, I saw a band from Boston called Fluttr Effect, and thought they were wonderful, not least because they are all Berklee grads, and the band features an electric cello and a MIDI marimba. From their mailing list:
We are just a couple of days away and very excited about it. Our Harrisburg show is the second night of this December tour and we really hope you'll come out, share the night with us and send us off to a good start.

DRAGONFLY - 234 N. SEcond St

We are sharing the stage with BoBim.
The show is 21+, $7

I'm considering going, if I'm not too tired and/or broke.

I've been getting into the Christmas spirit by feeling revoltingly materialistic. Following the lead of millions of children worldwide, here is a list of stuff I covet which have been sitting in my bookmarks for anywhere between two years and a week. Call it a Christmas window shopping list:

And now, here is a picture of Dick Cheney becoming a lizard:

I am staying up late, watching Oprah on Letterman.
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