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Thursday, December 08, 2005

So, I'm getting drunk.

My mum is apparently LOSING HER SHIT. She didn't hear from me for TWO WHOLE DAYS and she got John's wife Precy to leave me multiple voicemail messages, and her sister and brother-in-law that I don't even know to leave a message too.

She cried at them, I hear. She declared, "Her dad is dying!"

I call. Nobody answers. I try again. There's something wrong with the phone. Finally, Dad answers. He is not dying (well, not right away). I hear that, and relax, and start crying, because, of course, I bottle up my goddamn feelings in order to function and don't feel a goddamn thing until I relax. Mum is going crazy. It's summer. Apparently, on Epilem, she goes nuts in the summer instead of the spring.

That follows. She was last committed in December 2002, a week before Matt arrived in Australia.

So I drink a little bit to make the crying go away, and since I havebn;t eaten in a while, I'm drunk.
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