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Thursday, December 22, 2005

From what I can gather, the Mental Health Review Tribunal of New South Wales is holding a hearing tomorrow for Mum. I flipped out a little when I first heard, but then I did a bit of reading, and it's probably just a routine thing. I'm guessing it's because she was involuntarily committed. Trevor says she had "quite a breakdown," which probably means she was arrested at some point. She's back on the higher dosage of Valpro and Lithium.

I can't help feeling bad for not being there. If I had been there, it wouldn't have gotten this far. My mother might not have seen eye to eye very often, but I was always very good at convincing her to come quietly to the hospital before she cracked (even if it was a matter of tricking her into thinking we were going somewhere else). She definitely would have been admitted by last week.
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