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Sunday, December 11, 2005

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My class performed brilliantly on Saturday. I was a little worried after the dress rehearsal, but everyone pulled together wonderfully, and it looks as though a lot of the students are re-enrolling next semester thanks to some satisfied parents. I'm thrilled! They're a great class, and a couple of them have oodles of talent, so I'd love to see them come back.

The GIANT MONSTER CHICKEN at the Pennsylvania State Museum, which I blogged about less than a week ago, is gone. I'm heartbroken and desperate to see it again. I even had a dream in which I found it in a storage room lying on its side, its enormous legs sticking out.

In an impulsive fit of frustration, I set to work trying to remove a buzz which has developed in my cello. After virtually taking the entire instrument apart, I traced it to the metal fingerboard; I transplanted the super-cheap fingerboard from my super-cheap cello, and the buzz has disappeared. Good thing fingerboards aren't very expensive. I could pick one up for about $15 ... or I could splurge and think about getting a very pretty one like this for myself for Christmas.

Speaking of eBay, I'm selling my electric violins. So far, nobody has bid on the cool one, and the uncool one has fetched more than I paid for it. Huh.
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