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Thursday, November 24, 2005

This Thanksgiving, I give thanks for chickens. There's a particularly endearing department store commercial in rotation at the moment which features three or four red chickens running at full tilt towards the camera. It makes me want to keep a chicken so bad, my cloaca aches.

Some other reasons to be thankful:
Matt - two years of marriage, and not a serious fight yet.
Tripoli - how a cat so sweet managed to survive on the streets of Harrisburg will forever be a mystery.
Jason - sometimes the borglink presents its problems, but I wouldn't do without it for the world.
Lucy - often, I find myself talking about you to bored people who have no idea who you are, because I miss you so badly.
My parents - not dead yet!
My job - my dayjob is acting. Let me repeat that for effect: my dayjob is acting.
My awesome, awesome boots that I have raved about on here before. They are the bomb.

Henry IV has been struck, new projects are looming, and I need a holiday. Unfortunately, all I have are a few days over Thanksgiving, though that's definitely better than nothing. I'm redesigning my website, but I already don't like the new design and I'll probably change it again a couple of months after I get it implemented. It contains COLOR!! *gasp*

We're heading down to Matt's grandmother's house today for Thanksgiving dinner. Apparently the turkey is already cooked and ready to eat. It's turkey time! Gobble gobble!

Matt and I can't think of turkey without thinking of tofurkey and turducken. Tofurkey is, obviously, turkey for vegans that is actually made of tofu. Turducken, for those non-Americans who aren't aware is a chicken, stuffed inside a duck, stuffed inside a turkey. It is apparently a Thanksgiving treat, although I have yet to try it.

Jesus, look at this fucking thing. Only in America.

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