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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The play is finally open, which means I suddenly once more have a life outside of rehearsal. Not that life has become any less busy, but it's definitely less exhausting. On my desktop is an intimidating list of incomplete tasks which has been accumulating for the last few weeks and which I am slowly working my way through, beginning with sleeping, laundry and updating this blog.

The two Henry IV shows we have performed so far have gone very well, I think. The Sunday matinee audience was a little dead (I shouted most of my "Arm, arm with speed" speech in the face of a particularly unattractive bluehair who had fallen asleep stage left), but the show still moved at a decent pace. I'm curious to see what the attendance will be like this weekend, especially given my efforts on MySpace. The electronic flyer (see below) has thus far been viewed 15,800 times. I have no idea if that will translate to bums on seats or not.

I got my mandatory embarrassing slip-up out of the way at the final dress rehearsal. The new coat of polyethylene on the stage has made it somewhat slick, and during the arrest of Mowbray, Scroop, and Hastings, my heel skidded, leaving me lunging like a wannabe gymnast at the feet of Westmerland. Relief that it had happened at final dress instead of opening night had me in peals of hysterical laughter for a quarter of an hour afterwards.

Tomorrow night, after Clark and I get back from leading some kind of Shakespeare workshop at State College High, Matt and I will be booking it down to Washington DC for the NIN concert at the MCI Center. I bought new shoes just for the occasion (see right). Less than $30 including shipping on eBay for a brand-new pair of Sage Boots, huzzah! They pinch at the toe a touch, but they'll break in.
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