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Thursday, November 10, 2005

If you look at Jason's blog, you'll see that everything is OK with him now (aside from extreme soreness and probably a very large headache). I spoke to him this morning, and we cheered each other up by making funny for half an hour. He sounds a shitload better than he sounded in his voicemail message on Sunday.

The madness was likely a result of his new HIV drugs reacting to Xanax. This is better than anything I dreaded, so I'm incredibly relieved. God, the possibilities were horrible.

Finally, there is a reason to congratulate myself for beginning to watch Alias (starring Miss Mannish Features USA) a couple of weeks ago. At the height of Jason's episode, he had delusions of being Jack Bristow. This delights me no end. Hey, it's way more original than Jesus. If he had been Jesus, I would have flipped out.

As it was, I flipped out pretty nicely anyway. But that's all right. Flipping out = love. And Jason knows that.

I'm totally buying Jason for Christmas.
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