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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Good grief! It has been over two weeks since I threw a one-liner at some random bint at a party, and still she and her cohorts continue to flail about messily in an attempt to manufacture an Internet drama, both here and on MySpace. Do people in Dover really lead such awful, insecure lives that, with a single blog entry, I can leave them confused and shaking with puppylike rage?

*sigh* I was filled with such joyous hope after Dover ousted their horrible, horrible school board. Then again, perhaps in Dover there is compelling and obvious evidence against both Intelligent Design and Evolution.

Speaking of uneventful lives, Matt and I just made the most awesome batch of peanut butter cookies from ingredients we had lying around the kitchen, enabling us to bum around for the entire day without once stepping outside. Following the good advice (it worked last year) of my medical advisor, I'm consuming vast amounts of fat to stave off the 'flu, which I am newly terrified of, having just watched, back-to-back, an American Experience and a Secrets of the Dead about the pandemic of 1918. Apparently it's OH SHIT THE 'FLU! day on WiTF.

Since the original broadcast of this [episode of Secrets of the Dead], Taubenberger’s team has successfully created a genetic sequencing of the 1918 virus, resurrected the virus itself to study its effects on lung tissue and this fall announced a striking similarity between the 1918 virus and today’s H5N1 avian flu virus. Their findings indicate that the 1918 virus originated as a bird flu, confirming the legitimacy of concerns about avian flu. The updated episode includes new material and interviews with Taubenberger that reflect these new findings.
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