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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Gah, there is too much to say, and too much going on. It's been a fucking tough week. I've been feeling unreasonably down and stupid, culminating in me crying over the fucking laundry before the Henry IV run on Saturday night. When you're about to play an angry young man on stage, you wouldn't think that crying over the fucking laundry would make for great character preparation, but apparently I did an all right job on stage. Use that womanly hysterical angst, use it.

Matt just got Tripoli high as a kite via a fur-puff covered in catnip, and in a drug-fuelled frenzy, she skewered the tip of my index finger with a claw. The first joint has swelled at least 50% and has become stiff and firm. Hooph. Sexual innuendo in an allergic reaction.

The shows have been going well. That is to say, I haven't forgotten any of my lines or fallen over on stage, and I've managed not to run myself through with a sword yet. This weekend, there's a good possibility that Cliff, Meathead, and Anita might be showing up, and Mr. Vince is coming on Friday.

Last Friday, I was delighted that Daphne, Sheryl, and Mick made it from Little Rock, Washington DC, and Ireland respectively. I only wish we all had more time between NIN shows and Shakespearean productions to hang out with each other and just chill out.

Out-of-town friends coming to see me perform is my anti-drug.

On Saturday night, owing to Henry IV, I didn't get to meet Trent Reznor, unlike half the goddamn Eastern Seaboard, apparently. However, I did get to attend the Wilkes-Barre show on Sunday evening, at which a curtain malfunctioned, causing Trent to menacingly ripple his deltoids, throw his guitar around the stage in a rage, and refer bitterly to Spinal Tap. More thrilling even that this was the opportunity to meet two online friends for the first time, the delectable Jaimie and the incomparable Carol. Of course, as is almost always the case with longtime e-friends, they were even better in person than online. Not to mention gorgeous. I hope someone will have some photos to share soon.

In unrelated news, my friend Julia Smith, who designed the costumes for my productions of Rhinoceros and Amadeus, has launched her lingerie website. See right. Mmm.

On November 29, I have to stay by the phone, as I have been chosen as a lifeline for Who Wants to be a Millionaire?. Pressure! I still would love to know what's stopping lifelines from looking up answers on Google while on the phone. I'm pretty sure I can Google the answer to anything asked on that show in under thirty seconds.

  • Scientists have studied how to tip a cow. Sometimes I wish I were a scientist and could work on projects like this all day. Clark says I need to tip a cow, and it came up in a conversation with Jaimie over the weekend. Synchronicity.
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