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Monday, October 10, 2005

My shoulders are stiff from fighting with swords and playing the cello! Indeed, I've played so much cello this week that in my lesson today, I was rewarded with some real music to play. I've been given the Bach Cello Suites to "have a look at." Honestly, I'm not sure if I'm ready, but maybe I'll start on the Bouree from the Third Suite, since I think it was the first one I ever played (probably very badly) on the viola (or was it the violin?) when I was about half my current age.

Yesterday, Matt and I went to Giant to pick up some organic sugar, and ended up coming home with a three-pound center cut of pork, which we set to work roasting (rubbed with minced garlic, salt, crushed pepper, mint flakes, and extra virgin olive oil). It's all gone. We sat around for an entire day eating nothing but pork. Today we got to work on the triple chocolate cake we bought at Wal-Mart on Saturday. We are well aware of how lucky we are. One day when our metabolism is in the shitter and we can eat nothing but boiled lettuce to lose weight, we will look back with fondness on the days when our diet consisted solely of pork and chocolate cake.

Until then, I'm going to reflect on how fucking awesome it is to be an adult. Yes, kids, it's true; being a grown up is everything you dreamed it would be and more.

I am currently engaged in a discussion in my online sociology class about the dangers of large cities, specifically New York. Apparently most of the students in the course think that NYC is a terrifyingly dangerous place, full of crime and terrorists. Driving through NYC makes the hair on their arms stand on end. Whenever I come up with a rebuttal (e.g. the crime rate in Harrisburg is about twice as bad as in New York, Three Mile Island is a prime terrorist target), they simply come up with another poorly written excuse.

Zach made the comment the other day that it appears I have given Hotspur my e-cock. He's right. Hotspur is just Mormolyke. I think I'm going to temper that with Elliot Stabler if I can.
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