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Friday, October 21, 2005

My favorite song in the entire world right now is "Death Death Death." God, it's so awesome. I can't stop singing it. It's the only thing that's been able to stop my lines from Henry IV from running and running and running through my head (temporarily).

The White Albun is all right, but the DVDs are awesome. AWESOME. I completely forgot just how much I love TISM. This can be witnessed by the fact that these days, I am pretty bored by live videos of NIN, but this morning I was lapping up live TISM videos like a parched cat.

Bruises bruises bruises
Cuts cuts cuts
Giblets Giblets Giblets
Guts guts guts

Death - Death

Hacksaw hacksaw hacksaw
Scrape scrape scrape
Murder murder murder
Rape rape rape

Torture torture torture
Rack rack rack
Slaughter slaughter slaughter
Attack attack attack

Death death death death
Death death death death
Amway Amway Amway
Amway Amway Amway

Also, Promite is the KING OF MITES.
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