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Friday, October 14, 2005

I received my mark and comments from my professor for my last posting in my sociology course.

Does anyone see the fucking problem here? It occurs twice, but let's focus on one example.

To give a sense of perspective, here is an excerpt from a fourth grade spelling list:


WHAT. THE. FUCK. My college professor - my COLLEGE PROFESSOR - cannot spell at a FOURTH GRADE LEVEL. No wonder she can't spell "McDonaldized."

You know, I have some very intelligent friends online who can't spell too well. Generally, they get around this problem by spellchecking their words before posting them to the Internet. This is remarkably easy to do given that spellchecking is now a fucking automated process. One would think that using correct spelling online would be even more important if you were a college professor attempting to teach a college course to college students.

Here is the question we were given to answer this week:

Trafficing. Ocnfessed. Perscription. PERSCRIPTION.

I'm not even going to get into the punctuation. Jesus Fuck.

Tomorrow, when the deadline for the online exam is passed, I'll post some screenshots of the questions therein. Some of them are equally mind-blowing.
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