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Friday, September 23, 2005

Sorry about the mess. Now that the Gamut website is up, apparently I am experiencing blog diarrhea.

I have to name my cello, but I haven't even figured out if it's a male or a female yet. And, yeah, I know I need to move my bow stroke closer to the bridge overall. Shhh, I'm working on it.

At Gamut over the past week or so, we have watched a really remarkable six-part series called Slings and Arrows. The last episode had me in tears (for the third or fourth time today, after the website launch and Hamlet rehearsal). Ahhh, I am too tired and fried to explain exactly why I love it so much, but it really made me remember why I quit medicine to pursue the hopeless dream of becoming an actor, and how good I feel about where I am right now, and how marvellous life is.

So, yes, I would recommend that everyone somehow find a copy of Slings and Arrows to view, especially if you're an actor with a Shakespearean company and you are fond of screaming with laughter and bawling your eyes out alternatively.

Maybe I'll name the cello Geoffrey. Or maybe not. I had a guinea pig named Geoff once.
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