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Monday, September 26, 2005

Some things never change. The sky is always blue on a sunny day, potatoes are always better with salt, and Judging Amy always makes me cry. Afterwards, I'm always disgusted with myself for investing my emotion in a fucking schlocky chick program. Goddamn, I am so uncool.

I've had two odd dreams lately. Last week I dreamed that I was buying vanity plates for my dad but having terrible trouble filling out the form. Every time I tried to write "SHONG," the G would turn out looking too much like an A. I used some Wite-Out, but it disintegrated when I tried to write over it. I tried writing "SHONG" again in a wet red ink, then walked outside with the form into a dust storm which stuck to the ink and made it impossible to read.

Last night I dreamed ... holy crap, I have forgotten it. Damn. I remembered it when I woke up this morning and wanted to blog about it.

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