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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I haven't written in a while because I have become completely obsessed with practicing my new cello and getting the bloody Gamut website complete so we can take the damn thing live and GET IT THE FUCK OUT OF MY HAIR. God, I just want it to be finished so it's there and no more questions and HUURURRRRRRRRRRHHHHH HOTSPUR SMAAAAASH.

I want to post a picture of me practicing my beautiful new cello, but every time I pick it up I forget about mundane things like taking photos for my blog.

Little Red Riding Hood opens this week! We're off-book for Hamlet on Friday. I'm now playing Justice Silence in addition to Hotspur in Henry IV, so when I'm dead and thus no longer indulging in rage-fueled rants, I'll be a drunk senile old man, which is awesome.

If I can just get this website up, I'll feel a million jillion bazillion times better. Most of what needs to be done is Matt territory - hooking up form scripts and secure credit card payments and such (which I refuse to learn how to do because Matt can do it, and besides, I figured out the basics of CSS what the fuck more do you want GAAAAAHHHH).

Oh, and in my spare time on Friday and Saturday, because I am the world's most idiot masochistic sucker, I designed a quicky site for Maria's online shop, Idle Hands. It didn't take very long, but I'm still an idiot for taking anyone on right now.
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