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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hold a little longer on the London stories - Greg, Jill, Anita, Meathead, and Cliff are all in Harrisburg for Labor Day Weekend. Yes, that is me on City Island riding a Segway. All seven of us chipped in and rented one of them for an hour so we could try it out, zipping around Kipona (Sean: "It's Native American for 'really lame waterfront festival'"). The Segway is just as incredibly easy and fun to ride as they say; I would almost want one if I didn't feel like the world's biggest cheese-filled dorkroll.

And yes, we all proved rather soundly that we have better balance than the president.

If you're interested in a few pictures from London, here. Words to accompany them soon. Keep checking back and scrolling down.
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