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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Apparently I'm on television - the Bobby Rahal Honda commercial in which I and assorted other Gamut folk appear is in rotation, though I haven't caught it yet.

I might pick up my new cello today, provided it's ready and I have time to go there over lunch.

Crazy busy. Crazy crazy busy. I'm finalizing the Gamut site, which is two weeks overdue mainly because of the retreat and London. On Tuesday I designed the Popcorn Hat part of the site - my first design for kids. I discovered during the design process that the general rule for kids pages is to take everything you know about design and taste and do exactly the opposite. Somehow that seems to work.

On the performing side, I've been cast as Hotspur in Henry IV. Little Red Riding Hood opens next week, and Hamlet rehearsals are in full swing. I'm back at cello and singing lessons after a bit of a break. On Thursday nights, I'm working in the studio on as many Smart Talk shows as I can fit into my rehearsal schedule. And I haven't even started looking at my Sociology textbook yet (the single HACC course I'm taking this semester, via the Internet).

There's all this other Gamut stuff that I haven't had time to work on during my work day for the past week - PR stuff and costume shop stuff. Again I find myself wishing I didn't need to sleep. My god, the things I could do with those wasted hours.


You know I love and thrive on the pressure; I just need to vent occasionally.

In other news, I have a bunch of new underpants, the first non-plain-black underpants I have bought in years. They have crazy designs on them - cats playing the guitar, anthropomorphic spiders, that sort of thing. Some of them even glow in the dark, as I discovered to my alarm (followed by delight) when I took off my clothes in the dark and crawled into bed the other night.

Maria laughs when I say 'underpants.'
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