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Monday, September 12, 2005

All right, I went into the violin shop and put down a deposit on that cello I want. I'll be picking it up for real next Monday. Eek! I know I'm doing the right thing - that it's impossible for me to go to a proper music school with a cello that cost $80 on eBay - but every guiltometer in my mind goes haywire when I spend a bunch of money like that. Thank goodness PSECU is so willing to give me a loan at the drop of a hat. Wow, maybe one day they'll even give me a credit card with a limit greater than $400.

From Matt:
What was once a dirty, smokey practice room adorned with Slow Andy flyers, Tarantino posters, and a whole lot of Subway trash and empty Pepsi bottles is now a room with pink and purple striped walls, two pianos, and little piles of cat shit everywhere. Slow Andy have been kicked out of the room they've been practicing in for years and years and years.

While my drums sit in my basement and I try to eliminate the distinctly fetid odor of old cat urine from them, I need now a new place to practice with my band.

The ideal situation would be somewhere we can practice twice a week -- Wednesday and Sunday evenings. If it's something we can only occupy once a week, that's doable too.

If it were between York, Hanover, and Harrisburg, that'd be great, because the band is spread far across the land -- and a spot between those three megalopoli would probably not have neighbors who get upset.

Free would be awesome. $100 or less a month would be feasable.

I would love for it to be secure enough that I could leave the drumkit and the PA speakers and other annoying things there while we don't practice, without fear of vandalization or theft. It should also be impervious to the elements, and have electricity.

If you have this dream practice space, please let me know. Also, I want a million billion dollars.

Thanks for reading.

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