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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Surely moths are the cutest creatures in all the world. I don't understand why so many men run screaming from them. Look at it! It's like a flying squishy fennec fox!

The Central Penn Business Journal still isn't on newsstands. Sheesh. I guess they rely upon subscriptions for the most part, because their non-subscription distribution sucks. Hopefully I'll be able to look at the blogging article tomorrow.

Yesterday I was paid to make a singing grasshopper costume and an ant costume. The fun never stops! I can't wait for the company retreat in a few weeks. We full-time company members are heading out into the wilderness for four days, lodging in a non-electric, non-plumbing cabin in the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. I'm planning on cooking damper to eat while we discuss plans for the upcoming year and read through the abridged Hamlet we'll be performing in the fall. Also on the itinerary are horseback riding, hiking, biking, swimming, and possibly a day at a spa. And I'm probably driving straight from Tioga to NYC to fly to the UK. When I return, Henry IV will be cast, and my life will become a constantly accelerating spinning vortex of theatre for the rest of the year.

Everything in my life is going so well that last night I was seized with an attack of self-doubt which still lingers this morning. I always doubt myself most when life is coming up roses. It's probably related to the way I usually get sick when I relax or take a vacation. I can't put my finger on exactly what I'm doubting, but I have paranoid thoughts about my friendships and my abilities. There's nothing rational about it, and it's annoying as hell.

Stored here for future use:
<JadezukiMovie> tell him, hakuna matata when trying to smooth things over
<JadezukiMovie> tell him he has to poke his head out of the hole every so often and see the truth
<JadezukiMovie> if he says something off, you can laugh and say "what mook made that up?"
<JadezukiMovie> when talking about the administration, you could tell him, "cheetahs never prosper"
<JadezukiMovie> somehow the phrase "slimy, yet satisfying" could be used
<JadezukiMovie> here's a good one: "I'm surrounded by idiots. "

Oh, lordy, I'm so evil.

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