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Monday, August 15, 2005

I've been practicing hard all week. I've started playing the Dotzauer studies, and pretty soon I'll be moving onto real pieces of music. It's time to start thinking about buying a proper cello. Today I went to Violin Makers in Camp Hill and tried out about a dozen cellos that Quince had around the shop. I found a beautiful instrument that responds to me.

It's $3,600.

Hear that sound? Is that the bow grinding harshly on the string? Is that a loud metallic buzz in a tuning peg? No, that's the sound of my teeth gnashing, gnashing, gnashing. $3,600?

*sigh* It could be worse. Much worse. My viola is worth about that much - and cellos are, of course, more expensive than violas. I tried many more expensive instruments, and none of them played for me as well as the one I am considering. It's a good thing I don't have my heart set on a Steinway Grand or anything, right?

I also need a new bow to replace my current bow, otherwise known as The Complete and Utter Piece of Shit, and a hard case to replace my flimsy gig bag. So here are a couple of options.

Option 1
$3,600 cello
$400 pernabuco bow which I tried in the store (once again, worked better for me than many more expensive bows)
$445 Bam-style case
However, Quince will give me a discount, and I can get the whole lot for $4,200.

Option 2
$3,600 cello
$109 carbon fiber bow from Music123
$100 hard foam case from eBay
Total: $3,809 (I'd pick up a few other things from Music123 while I was at it, like a pendulum metronome and a set of strings.)

Option 3
I don't fucking know.

I'm going back to the shop later this week to play the cello again for a while.

In completely unrelated news, Matt is coming to two days of the Gamut retreat next week! I am very glad, not least because we won't be spending ten consecutive days apart. And I think he'll enjoy it despite himself.
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