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Monday, August 01, 2005

I woke up about half an hour ago thanks to the three-part cocktail of an odd dream (about living in a seaside town surrounded by potential volcanoes), nausea from missing a pill and having to take two before bed, and a stiff neck from the Slow Andy gig at Bada Bings on Saturday night. The gig was enormous amounts of fun; lots of people attended whom I haven't seen in ages, and I managed to get fairly wasted on two and a bit beers and a shot of Jagermeister. Hooray for being Asian! So wasted did I get, in fact, that I forced Brian and Bill to stand two feet from the band, jumped up on stage and "sang" Gay Bar like a maniac, smoked three whole cigarettes, pogo-ed until my shoulders ached, and headbanged a little - hence the stiff neck.

Why do I headbang? I know it only leads to pain. I'm such an idiot. *sigh* Hand me the goddamn ibuprofen.

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