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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Currently on the singing menu is Mozart's "Bella mia fiamma ... Resta, o caro," and it's about the best fun I've ever had with a song. If Angela gave it to me because she figured I relish a challenge, she has me pegged perfectly. It's ridiculously long and full of very silly runs and arpeggios, and the second I took it home, I started practicing twice as much as usual. The only unlikeable thing about it is that, like many Mozart arias, the lyrics are incredibly sad but the music is totally gay. As in, full of gaity.
Goodbye, my love (Yay!)
I am leaving you forever (Wheee! La la la!)
I am dying (Hurrah!)
How terrible for me! Death separates us! (Go team!)
No really, this time, I am definitely dying for good (I feel like skipping!)

Of course, it's all in Italian, so nobody can tell what's going on, leaving the soprano looking a bit stupid as she sings disarmingly cheerful melodies with a miserable look on her face.

  • The flame war continues and continues. I actually think I'm being pretty nice to him at the end, despite the fact he called me an extreme activist.
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