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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Finally, I have a copy of last week's Central Penn Business Journal.

Click for the full story if you don't mind reading from a giant image file.

The relevant bits:
It is not unusual for actress Melissa Dunphy to write about her personal problems - including work-related issues - on an Internet blog site for the whole world to see.

The 25-year-old Australia native has written online about everything from her latest work project at the Gamut Theatre Group in Harrisburg to finding a bat in her house at 2a.m.

Luckily for Clark Nicholson, the theater's founder and artistic director, Dunphy is pretty happy with her current employer. Otherwise, she could publicly trash his acting troupe or release potentially damaging information.

Nicholson not only reads Dunphy's site, he often checks her blog to find out what is going on with his seven employees at the Strawberry Square theater when he's out of town.

"I like Melissa's blog. It helps in my business to intimately know my employees. I'm constantly soliciting information on how they feel about their jobs because they reflect that attitude on stage," Nicholson said. "It would probably be different if I had a lot of employees to keep track of, like Wal-Mart."

[Snipped: a lot of stuff by experts, satisfyingly similar to the thoughts I posted on here a while ago. I especially like Estrin's comments.]

Dunphy also tries to be aware that she could upset her employer if she said the wrong thing.

"When I blog, I blog in the moment. But there is a definite danger there. Obviously, if you blog about confidential information, you are responsible for that, especially with a small business," Dunphy said.
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