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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

But at length, several thousand years after the earliest experiments, something was produced which seemed to promise success. A human ovum had been carefully selected, fertilized in the laboratory, and largely reorganized by artificial means. By inhibiting the growth of the embryo's body, and the lower organs of the brain itself, and at the same time greatly stimulating the growth of the cerebral hemispheres, the dauntless experimenters succeeded at least in creating an organism which consitsted of a brain twelve feet across, and a body most of which was reduced to a mere vestige upon the under-surface of the brain. The only parts of the body which were allowed to attain the natural size were the arms and hands...

Matt isn't going to come on the Gamut retreat. I am disproportionately sad, probably because my immune system is taking a knock, but also because I was really looking forward to hanging out someplace new with him for a couple of days, and getting away from the beloved tyranny of flickering screens and electronic summonses together.
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