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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

All I can think about whenever I have thirty seconds of quiet is that bloody cello. I keep resisting the urge to call the shop owner and ask if it's still there. It doesn't matter if it's still there or not. This is a mid-range cello, not something amazingly special and expensive that will never come around again. If it's gone, it's gone, and I'll find another one.

Still. I keep thinking about it.

To this end, yesterday I decided I needed financial advice and called Morgan Stanley to listen to what our financial adviser had to say. Maybe I should have been paying more attention to the new$ lately.
Morgan Stanley to cut 1,000 brokers
Investment bank plans to cut financial advisers in its retail brokerage, according to internal memo.
July 28, 2005: 12:03 PM EDT

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Morgan Stanley will cut about 1,000 of the financial advisers in its underperforming retail brokerage, the U.S. investment bank said in an internal memo Thursday...

As you've no doubt guessed, our financial adviser, whom we liked very much personally, is no longer working with the firm. This is news that furrows my brow. I hope he gets another job at another firm soon. Meanwhile, we have been assigned to another guy at Morgan Stanley.

This makes the whole asking-for-advice-about-buying-a-cello thing a little trickier. I trust Chris, but I don't know about this new guy yet, and I have to make an important decision involving money soon. Gah.

File under My-God-What-Have-I-Become: I want one of these so I don't have to put things in the impossible pockets of my tight jeans when I go to England in a ... Jesus, in ten days. Of course, I'd dye it black first.

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