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Thursday, August 18, 2005

After what seems like an eternity of procrastination, the new Tears for Agnes CD Shui has finally been pressed and is available to the masses. Tears for Agnes is Matt Dunphy, Jordan Smith, and Melissa Dunphy noodling around on various instruments and computers. You can check out a preview mp3 of the material from Shui on the Tears for Agnes website.

Half of the CDs is being sold at the Charles Village Record & Tape Traders in Baltimore. The rest are being shipped to CD Baby.

However, if you are itching to get your hands on a copy earlier than anyone else, you can help fund the cost of shipping to California by buying directly from me. The cost is US$15 shipped if you live in the US, and $18 shipped if you live elsewhere. If you order through us, we'll toss in a bonus CD-R with demo versions, video, scrapped songs, the "Drawn by a Still" EP, and other music we've done - several hours' worth, if I recall correctly.

To order your copy, Paypal the appropriate amount to and be sure to send along your name and address. If you are crazy and want to order more than one copy, email me ahead of time and we'll get you the bulk rate ;)

Also, the new Tears for Agnes website is going live soon. It will have background information on the songs, what stuff we used to make them, sound clips, a news page, and that's mostly it. Woohoo!

-- The Dunphys
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