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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Waking thought: When I as a kid, I often heard the term "up your Khyber." In fact, when we went to the Khyber Pass, I remarked as much to Matt. The first thought on the tip of my brain when I reached consciousness this morning was "Of course! Khyber Pass -> Arse!" I'd never thought about it before, since I first heard the word 'Khyber' when I was too young to understand. I guess I use more rhyming slang than I realize.

This, of course, led me to Google other bits of rhyming slang I use without realizing their rhyming origin.
  • dipstick -> prick
  • tin lids -> kids (Not that I really used the term, but Jimmy Barnes' kids had a band called the Tin Lids. All makes sense now.)
  • rabbit -> rabbit and pork -> talk (as in "Jeez, you rabbit on about shit sometimes."

I should keep a look out for more. There are a few others I already knew about, like 'butchers' and 'seppo,' but they don't count.
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