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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I mucked around some more with the Gamut dev page last night, and finally came up with a way to keep the column on the left going all the way down the page cleanly at any resolution, in both IE and Firefox. It took a little agonizing, and naturally, Matt started talking about how much easier the entire exercise would be in a table, but I persisted and worked it out.

The mindset I have to adopt to program in CSS is so odd. It's a complete change of brain gears; maybe I go into an alpha state or something. When I'm immersed in CSS, I feel like I'm connecting to the computer with a lower part of my consciousness - some lizard section of my brain that understands only failure and success. I nudge around the code slowly like a dowser, and when my brain is on the right track, it leans in the right direction like a divining rod.

And when I'm not coding, I have no idea how I do it. No idea at all. I have to take ten minutes to work myself back into that state of mind before I can understand a single thing I typed.

At some point while I was cleaning up the CSS last night, I stopped checking the page in Firefox, thinking I could get by with only IE. This morning when I woke up, I discovered the page had left-aligned in Firefox, causing much gnashing of teeth. Turns out I had deleted an 'auto' from the margin on the container which is necessary for Firefox. I couldn't work that out, though, until I had thrown off my panic and found my CSS zen.

I've come up with a new concept for the Harrisburg Shakespeare Festival and Popcorn Hat pages. I was going to just incorporate one of the poster designs into the HSF page and make up something wacky and completely different for Popcorn Hat, but now I'm considering keeping the column idea on the left. I'm going to ask Robinson Smith to create a column for the HSF page in his style, and design (read: get someone with actual art sk1lz to design) a c-c-c-crazy colorful column for Popcorn Hat. Anyone know anyone who can draw pretty bright kids' stuff?

On the menu today: how to use NVU. It took me about half an hour last night just to work out how to install it. Damn you, Linux!

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