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Thursday, July 07, 2005

I made the Dean's List at HACC again - and for the last time, since I'll be a part-time student for the next two semesters. Although I was fairly accepting of it at the time, I will acknowledge now I am pissed off in some dark bitter corner of my soul that I scored a B in Government. I was digging the 4.0 for a while.

I installed Mandrake 2005LE on my PC at work yesterday, then realized that I desperately need more RAM, so today I'm heading in with a stick of 128Mb I pulled out of one of the PCs we have lying around the house. I figure I'll spend most of today grokking Mandrake's software packages and figuring out how much ethernet cable I need to connect to the router. I can't do without ready-at-hand internet at work! What happens if I don't know something? How will I run to Google? What if I get a great idea and need to type it out immediately and e-mail it to sundry soundboards? What if there's an emergency and I need to order a book or buy a replacement part on eBay? The world is a dark and dangerous place without net access close by.
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