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Sunday, July 31, 2005

I evidently missed my true calling in life. If only I were a fat nutjob, I would have made a wonderful furry. I discovered this fact this week when given the task of creating a new lion's mane for our upcoming production of Aesop's Fables. A trip to Walmart yielded all the materials (around $25 with tons of fabric and fur left over) and in about two hours I whipped up the mane at the right, modeled by my frighteningly yiffy husband.

Remember, kids, creating animal costumes for loved ones is only OK when there is a children's theatre production involved and absolutely no sexual overtones whatsoever.

In other news, the Melissa Dunphy mediafest continues ...
  • The article about employee blogs is in this week's edition of the Central Penn Business Journal. Matt saw a copy of it at his work, since his employer is a subscriber, but the issue won't hit newsstands until Wednesday. I'll post a copy as soon as I can lay my hands on one.

  • On Friday a photographer from the Patriot News took some shots of Gamut's Improv Camp for Teens to accompany the article in which Sean and I were interviewed.

  • Bizarrely, an article in Thursday's Patriot News about Theater of the Seventh Sister's production of Love's Labour's Lost this weekend was accompanied by a picture of Tim Riggs and me playing Romeo and Juliet.

  • I heard on Echoing the Sound that my old interview of A Perfect Circle was replayed on Channel [V] in Australia!

I had a nightmare last night about being killed or at least severely injured in a terrorist bombing, which is odd, because I don't feel consciously afraid of bombings. I haven't even been looking at graphic photographs or descriptions of the recent London incidents, although I suppose they've been on my mind. In the dream, I was lining up to see some sort of tourist attraction (it looked a little like the Capitol in Washington DC) when a terrorist rushed in and threatened to blow himself up if anyone made a move. Without thinking, and appropriately terrified, I rushed past him into a wide hallway, but he triggered his bomb, and the entire area was rocked by a series of explosions. I was pummeled by the shockwaves and landed on the ground barely alive and moaning incoherently. When I woke I was shaking all over and so afraid I had to wake Matt and cling to him.

Today we took the time to wash my car, which was literally covered in bird shit. Unfortunately, the nextdoor neighbor's tree bears berries all summer, and its branches provide birds with a popular venue for daily shitting parties above my car. We're rearranging our parking positions.

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