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Monday, July 18, 2005

I created the basic submenus for the Gamut site in CSS. Woohoo! The menus for the first four buttons are operational. Mind you, the page design is going to completely change when you click on the HSF or Popcorn Hat buttons, but the options are there.

I've been working on the HSF design, but it's tough. Rob Smith's designs are so cool, and I really want to do them justice.

Here's some information about Robinson Smith. Man, he's pretty tough to Google. If that article is still accurate, here's where he works (they need to work on attracting Google hits too).

The bat is out of our house. We were sitting in the computer room when we heard a miaow followed by a piercing chirp from the kitchen. Tripoli was on the window sill, staring fixedly at a point above her. The bat had somehow crawled or flown up between the kitchen window panes. Easy enough - we shut the inner window and opened the outer window, and after a while, he crawled down the flyscreen, opened his wings, yawned a few times, scratched himself, and flew off into the sunshine.
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