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Saturday, July 09, 2005

I bought a plane ticket from Sydney to New York City about a month before 9/11. Three and a half weeks ago, I nabbed a plane ticket to London.

The best thing in the world is having a day job which I enjoy, not just something I do to pay the rent. This has been the best first week of work I've ever had. In addition to rehearsing my first Popcorn Hat kids' show, Jack and the Beanstalk, which opens next week, I've been creating giant beanstalk leaves with a sewing machine and green felt, mucking around with tools and ropes, repairing and adjusting costumes, troubleshooting the office network, and exploring the wonderful world of Linux on my own PC. Next week, I'll be teaching at the Shakespeare Camp for Teens. I'm too happy for words.

And all this gushing has nothing to do with the fact that my boss sometimes reads this blog. I honestly feel like I'm getting paid to do things I would do for free.

Mandrake is growing on me. I'm curious about if, how, and how well it connects to a PDA, specifically Windows Pocket PC. If it will do that, I think I'd seriously consider the huge step of putting it on my laptop at home. Bah, I never have time to play games anyway, and all the music recording is done on the PC in the living room.

I have an idea to bring my cello to work and practice after everyone has left for the day, and have Matt pick me up when he finishes work in York. It would be a steady practice regimen away from my home computer. This may possibly be because yesterday I found myself reading this, and my pulse quickened alarmingly. Shit. Shitshit. Shitshitshit. Berklee!??

What the fuck? 75% of applicants to Berklee get in. 75%! And auditions aren't necessary - you just need to provide documentation that you can play, which should be easy enough. It would cost around $5000 per year more than West Chester, but many of the credits I've taken at HACC would transfer, since there are similar general education requirements. We'd have to move to Boston. Boston is cold, but Matt has some relatives there (Matt's dad is from Boston). I'm not sure what the public transport situation is like, but I know the roads are full of awful crazy drivers and terrible traffic problems. They have an excellent NPR station, which is half the reason I know that.

I have seven months to decide if this is a stupid pipe dream or not.

Berklee!?!? WTF!?!? Damnit, this is all Fluttr Effect's fault. I saw them play the other night at Gullifty's with Meathead and Anita, and it put ideas into my head.
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