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Saturday, July 16, 2005

I am the smartest person in the entire world.

I was just talking to Maria this week about the supreme satisfaction of coding. Sure, to anyone who doesn't work with code, it seems like an entirely unexciting and lacklustre activity involving hours of sitting and typing, drenched in Mountain Dew sweat and swearing profusely, but nothing, nothing beats the thrill and elation of achieving success after an eternity of programming-related frustration and pain. It's an intellectual mathematical satisfaction even more orgasmic than solving ludicrously complicated algebraic equations, since there's usually something pretty on your screen at the end of it.

And yes, I'm smoking a virtual post-coding cigarette as I type this.

Matt and I, having figured out vaguely how we want the new Gamut page to look, set about implementing the design in completely different ways. Matt began with a table. This is a time-honored method of laying out a website, and the majority of fancy HTML sites are laid out this way.

However, CSS, the way of the future!!!!, was invented to render this method of designing obsolete. And, being a fan of the CSS Zen Garden, I can understand why.

I have played around with CSS before for font and colors. This website, for instance, was created with style sheets. I never really sat down and grokked CSS properly, however; I still use tables for the overall layout here. Some of the designs on Zen Garden, particularly those involving positioned background graphics, were a complete mystery to me.

But yesterday, I took myself through this excellent CSS tutorial, which I found on this equally excellent CSS resources page (run by an Australian, huzzah!). And from the bottom up, completely from scratch, I created the new Gamut page entirely in CSS without using a single table tag. Seriously, check it out. There's one iframe, and everything else is CSS-based.


Next: fiddling with the scroll bars and creating the submenu.

BTW, Clark, if you're reading this, we now have DSL in the back, so you no longer have to use dial-up. Also, you and I will have access to the office printer.
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