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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I am developing some lovely fat callouses on my fingers from all the cello playing I've done lately.

Matt and I are redesigning the Gamut Theater website. Thank Christ. Oh, my lordy. It took us two hours just to map out the pages in the site and figure out what the hell is going on - the links are all over the place and the amount of redundancy makes me want to violently smash nearby fragile objects. After staring at the current fractured design for the last four hours, I think I might have developed schizophrenia. I understand how it got that way - being designed at different times by different people (many of whom use Frontpage - AIEEEEEE!) is enough to do that to any website. I guess.

But the Dunphys are on the case! I love sitting down and designing stuff with Matt. I learn all sorts of new web tricks. And we get to spend quality geek time together. Matt's doing a whole bunch of PHP implementation. Meanwhile, I have to get to work grokking CSS better. Oooh, it's going to be lovely.
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