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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Really Simple Syndication, my arse. Well, I guess it's not exactly difficult. The real problem is figuring out a way to syndicate this blog on my MySpace profile. I'm not sure it's possible, since it seems MySpace restrictions prevent JavaScript, iframes, or PHP from showing up. Phooey.

Wow, how totally bizarre. Apparently if I override Blogger's permissions and put JavaScript in a post, the "Edit Posts" page is completely screwed up - no previews, and the "Edit" buttons are as wide as the page. Not that any of you can see that, but it's a pain in the arse, so I'll keep the JavaScript off this page anyhow. Damn Blogger.

Well, if you have any desire to display a syndication of this site (yeah, right), some variation of this code, which I created using BigBold's RSS Digest:
<iframe width="400px" height="170px" src=""></iframe>
..will create this:

If you can make use of bloody JavaScript, use this for a much cleaner look:
<script language="JavaScript" src="">

Wix, wonderful man that he is, also created an RSS feed for LiveJournal, if you're interested. Huzzah for Wix!

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