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Monday, June 20, 2005

It suddenly occurred to me that I haven't updated my blog for nearly a week, which must surely be a record for the last few months.

Henry V wrapped up on Saturday night. As much as I enjoyed being a part of it, I am so glad it's over. When I was studying Henry V in my Shakespeare class last semester, Angela insisted it was far too long, and though I contradicted her at the time, I've come to see things her way. "What a long night is this," says the Dauphin even before intermission, and every night I agreed with him.

I've started reading Henry IV, as this fall Gamut is performing both parts as a single play -- heavily cut, of course, since the entirity would take about seven hours. I wonder how similar it's going to be to this, cut-wise. Not that I've seen that production, but I'm trying to get my hands on it. Some incredibly exciting cross-gender casting may be taking place - almost as exciting as the fact I'll be joining Gamut as a full time core company member in two weeks. Sure, I'll be doing a lot of laundry and kitchen cleaning, but frankly, right now I'd rather handle a scrubbing brush in a theater between acting and teaching than rake in the dough in a corporate environment or constantly try to juggle a boring fulltime dayjob schedule with my performance commitments.

Yesterday after strike, Matt and I saw Batman Begins, which blows every comic book adaptation I've ever seen right out of the water. The cast was incredible. I was disappointed when I heard that Aronofsky was no longer directing, but Nolan did a brilliant job, and filled most of the main roles with extraordinary British actors.

I could swear there is a sneaky, cute little American Psycho reference near the end. There's a shot of Bruce Wayne in a car talking to Earle on the phone. Christian Bale's performance is suddenly EERILY reminiscent of Patrick Bateman, and maybe it's just me, but ... I have a weird feeling that he's wearing that the same Armani suit that Bateman wears. The one with the French collar and cuffs and discreet pinstripes. Bateman ... Batman ...

Maybe I'm nuts. But if it's a reference, that's fucking awesome.

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