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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Hooray! The play is open. Lovely performance last night, though I didn't feel that I as Montjoy connected to Henry much. I guess Henry has enough on his plate, what with the war and everything.

I forgot to mention that last Wednesday I performed Juliet at a middle school in Lewisberg with Theater of the Seventh Sister's Face to Face program. It was probably the best performance I've done. I hit all the right notes and cried on cue. Afterwards, we four actors had a protracted extremely liberal conversation. *sigh* I miss them. We only see each other every few months.

My goddamn kung fu teacher called my house on Friday asking where I was. I forgot to call them and let them know I was quitting. Dammit. Now I'm terrified. I feel guilty enough as it is.

I probably shouldn't even worry about going to the UK. Next week, Mum and Dad are travelling to Brisbane and staying with my biological father and his family. They will all undoubtedly kill each other. I'd best start making wakeless funeral arrangements. I hope my (half) brother Mihali gets out alive.
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