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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Haha, wow. I broke the ice with my photography professor in a HUGE way with my nude self portraits. He was all over them and raving. Everyone else in the class was giving me looks - Central Pennsylvanian "I have no idea how to react to the 'different' girl" looks. A quote from a particularly annoying and brainless blonde: "You must have a lotta guts to bring in those photos. Maybe it's because you're from another country, but here in America, that's a really big deal."

I had to focus to keep my eyes from rolling. "Big deal" is right, but with a different inflection. OK, yeah, I was a little twitchy when I first developed my contact sheet and let a class full of strangers pore over pictures of my boobies for the first time, but isn't nude portraiture the ultimate student cliche? What the fuck is wrong with these people? Oh, wait. They're fresh out of American high schools. Of course.

So that's straight A's for B&W 101! I'm now considering taking more photography classes when I get to West Chester. I worked pretty hard in this course, but it never felt like work.

The funniest thing about it is that I'm pretty sure I scored well because of my lack of experience and training. I have no pre-conceptions or real confidence in my visual art skills, so I attached myself to the teacher and followed his instruction to the letter. Some of the other students in my class who didn't do as well were graphic design or photography majors with aspirations of working in fashion or for National Geographic, but they seemed to think they could get through the course without taking the professor's advice or actually learning anything. I don't know if my inexperience makes me a better artist, but I think it makes me a better first-year art student.

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