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Monday, May 23, 2005


Life in the vaguely fast lane.

I had a three-hour movement session yesterday for Henry V that was so intense I bawled my eyes out halfway through. I'd never done that in a movement session before. Afterwards, we rehearsed for another four and a half hours, which was exhausting, to say the least. Tiredness combined with hair-trigger emotions brought on by the movement session, a full moon, and PMS, led to me lecturing frustratedly at a couple of actors about chivalry, which I think made at least one actor cry and at least three others hate me (hopefully temporarily).

Today I began my photography course at HACC. We're not into anything too strenuous yet, though I did discover that I need to purchase about $100 worth of film, $50 worth of paper, a $25 developing tank, a $10 darkroom thermometer and various other odds and ends pretty much immediately. Having no money in the bank after last week's NIN excursions, I find this requirement to be something of a problem. I've secured a financial aid loan, but that won't come in until Thursday. Gee, if Kelli Harman of the Harman Agency would pay the $1400 she owes us, as the Sheriff of Dauphin County personally asked her to do recently, maybe I would be able to afford my college supplies. The sheriff has itemized her business assets, and if she doesn't cough up the dough in a week, we'll be selling her possessions.

In further reaction to my reduced income during the next few weeks, I am unfortunately ceasing my expenditure in the areas of acupuncture and kung fu. Sadness. However, I knew when I first began that they would only be temporary endeavors.

Now to offload some of my own possessions on eBay in lieu of Kelli Harman's.
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