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Monday, May 30, 2005

This has been a glorious weekend. Matt and I consumed a bottle of red wine between us on Friday night and browsed through iTunes, giggling tipsily at old Grace Jones tracks. On Saturday, we were both well fed at Steve's wedding. We've spent some time at the Harrisburg Artsfest. I've slept in every morning (although usually after rising for an hour at about 7:30am. I can't turn it off.) and lazily snatched at least nine hours' shuteye per day. We watched two episodes of Deadwood (DVD set of the first season courtesy of Clark). We spent some time on top secret musical projects.

The rest has done me so much good. I actually feel prepared now to face tech week for Henry V.

If only ETS weren't full of Republican arseholes at the moment. They've all come out with their hackles up, screaming with affront at the news that Nine Inch Nails has pulled out of the MTV movie awards because MTV wouldn't let Trent use a backdrop of GWB as they played The Hand That Feeds. I laugh gaily, even as my heart sinks at the confirmation that there truly are so many fuckwits in the world.
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